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Financial Risk Management

SAP Treasury & Risk Management incorporates several modules for risk management. SAP Market Risk Analyzer and Credit Risk Analyzer.

To determine exposure to exchange rate and commodity risks, we have the SAP Exposure Management module. Through the Hedge Management module we define our hedging strategies that will link to the chosen financial instruments.

Finally, the Hedge Accounting module allows the automatic accounting of hedges according to their efficiency and the accounting regulations applied.

In S / 4 HANA the exhibition is simplified with the One Exposure module that receives information from the new financial and logistics modules created specifically for HANA.


  • Real-time integration with SAP FI
  • Accounting according to different accounting standards
  • Market risk simulation
  • Control of market and credit risk
  • Overview

    SAP Market Risk Analyzer

    SAP module that allows the monitoring and simulation of portfolio valuation according to the behavior of market variables.

    SAP Credit Risk Analyzer

    SAP module that allows us to monitor the limits by counterpart. It is integrated with SAP TRM and CML (Loan Management) modules

    SAP Exposure Management

    This module identifies currency and raw material risks from the information in SAP ERP and also from external sources.

    SAP Hedge Management

    This module defines the hedging strategies and relates them to the corresponding instruments

    SAP Hedge Accounting

    SAP module that allows automatic accounting of hedges according to the degree of efficiency and established accounting standards