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Bank Reconciliation

Our add-on includes the reconciliation of banking operations and the reconciliation between notes and bank movements registered in a bank transitory account, which will ensure an agile and automatic conciliation process.


  • Better automatic reconciliation ratios
  • Easy and intuitive reconciliation cockpit
  • Flexible and centralized reconciliation rules that can be defined at company level
  • Possibility of manual, semi-automatic and automatic reconciliation
  • Create a proposal for automatic reconciliation that can be reviewed and modified by the user
  • Flexible engine for defining match rules: apart from dates and amounts, it allows the definition of matches between field contents
  • Grouping and displaying notes and movements in separate lists
  • Taking advantage of the synergies of financial institutions
  • Overview

    Cash Management on HANA

    The new version of liquidity management in the HANA platform has the Bank Account Management functionality that allows the control of registrations, cancellations and modifications of bank accounts as well as more information about them.

    SAP Liquidity Planner

    This SAP module included in the ERP allows information to be derived from the bank statement and reconciliations to obtain the nature of the inflow or outflow of money. It will allow us to monitor the actual incurred in the periods in the same hierarchy as the schedules.

    SAP BPC Business Planning and Consolidation

    It is the financial planning and consolidation platform integrated into SAP BW that allows budgeting, planning and simulations in addition to organizing the process for a distributed model.